My Dinnertime Confession

I have a confession. Summer break is coming to an end with school beginning on Monday and I can count on one hand the number of times our family has sat at the dinner table together for a meal. Now, that's not to say that I have not been making dinner it's just that I have allowed for us to eat in shifts instead of together as a family.

Family meals were once a daily tradition in American households. I for one grew up in a household of 9 where we ate homemade dinner's as a family every night. On the nights that my Dad was in the crop fields we took that homemade dinner to the field and ate with him there. Can we just take a moment and give praise to my Mom for this! I mean seriously I can't even get us to the table. Just like my family, in recent years families have gotten out of the habit of eating together. Studies show that dinnertime is far from obsolete, and it's beneficial for everyone at the table.

Reports from various sources have found that family dinner is beneficial mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Enjoying dinner together:

Improves relationships between teens and their parents.

Builds strong relationships between family members.

Gives you a chance to fully focus on one another.

Encourages kids to try new foods.

Leads to healthier food choices and portion sizes.

Decreases the likelihood that kids will develop bad eating habits, and they are 35% less likely to develop eating disorders.

Lowers the chances of kids becoming overweight.

Increases your kids vocabulary.

Helps children and teens perform better academically.

Reduces risk that teens will develop substance and alcohol dependencies.

Teaches kids important conversation skills and good manners.

Lowers risk of depression.

Effectively relieves stress.

All families can benefit from making dinner together a daily ritual. At Pasture to Plate Co. it is our desire to bring the tradition of family meals back to the dinner table featuring premium beef from our pastures to your plate. Beef it's what's for dinner!

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Many Blessings,

Mindy Stedem

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