1/4 Pork Bundle (30 lbs)

1/4 Pork Bundle (30 lbs)


Tight on space, but still want the best variety, our 1/4 pork bundle is the choice for you.  The 1/4 pork bundle may fit in most traditional refrigerator/freezer combo units.


Our 1/4 pork boasts 30 pounds of finished pork product.  If you are looking for the very best variety of cuts and are tight on space this option is for you.  


The cuts usually consists of 20-25% steaks and chops, 25-35% roasts, ribs, pork belly, bacon and 40-50% ground pork and breakfast sausage.  


Our pork is heritage breed, pastured riased, Non GMO Grain finished,  never hormones, antibiotics or steroids.