1/2 Beef

Love the selection of whole beef order, but don't have the freezer space, then our half  beef option is the best for you.  Great for small families, the variety and cost savings compared to buying individual cuts to feed the whole group are winners.  Half beef (side of beef) orders will require the use of a chest or upright freezer, as most traditional refrigerators/freezer combos will not hold this much.  Roughly 8 cubic feet of space required.  


Our half beef ranges from 200- 300 pounds of finished beef product.  If you are looking for the very best variety of cuts, this option is for you.  Since some cuts only produce 1 per animal, these rare cutts may not exist in your half order.   We do our best to split these single items between the two halves so both receive the same pounds of meat.  Each animal differs, but our efforts to raise the best animal possible ensures you are going to get the best cuts possible. 


The cuts usually consists of 20-25% steaks, 25-35% roasts, stew meat and short ribs, and 40-50% ground beef.  That means you can get premium cuts such as Filet Mignon and T-Bones for as low as $5.50-$6.00 a pound.  


We don't process whole beef orders until they are placed.  After placing your whole beef order we will call you from Pasture to Plate Co. to discuss any preference options that may be available for processing your order and to explain the expected timeline for delivery of your order.