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Ground Beef Bundle 50lbs (1lb packages)

Ground Beef Bundle 50lbs (1lb packages)

Take advantage of our ground beef 50lb bundle and save!  This bundle contains 50 1 lb pacakges of ground beef.  


Ground beef is a versatile form that comes from various primal cuts. With no added fat, you can be sure our ground beef is lean and ready to use in your favorite recipes all year long.  


In our ground beef you will NOT find ground soy beans, ice, added beef suet or any other funny business.  You will find lean amazing ground beef with only the natural marbling at about a 93/7-90/10 ratio.  If you are use to cooking with store bought ground beef you may need to adjust your recipes as our 1 lb of ground beef will yield more than most brands giving you more bang for your buck.  

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