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French Dip Sandwhich - Rump or Chuck Roast

Updated: Jul 5, 2021


BREAD French Dip sandwiches scream for baguette-style French roll/hoagie rolls. I love a crusty roll with a bit of chew plus it softens when dipped without falling apart.Truthfully, any bread that is dense enough to hold all the meat and dipping into the au jus will do just as well! Kaiser rolls? Yes! Onion rolls? Yes? Even heavy burger buns will do in a pinch!

BEEF Most French dip recipes are made with chuck or rump roast. The beef cooks until tender and we find it easiest to pull the beef into big chunks instead of cutting it. As long as it is braised in liquid and extra tender, it will be perfect in French dips!

SPICES 1 medium white onion, salt & pepper to taste & 1spring rosemary (optional)

AU JUS This is the juices in the slow cooker we use for dipping. I add plenty of onions plus a sprig of rosemary for flavor.

CHEESE I do not shy away from cheese however I don’t usually add cheese to this sandwich. If you want to add cheese, provolone is a great choice!

  1. Season roast with salt and pepper and brown in a large pan on all sides.

  2. Add all ingredients (onion sliced, roast, 1 cup water or beef broth and rosemary) in a slow cooker and cook 8 hours on low or 4 hour on high, until the roast is tender.

  3. Remove the beef and let it rest 15 minutes before slicing or shredding.

Serve with toasted hoagie rolls or bread of your choice and dip in the juices.

How To Make Au Jus For French Dip

Technically, the ‘au jus’ is simply the liquid in the slow cooker that the chuck roast and other ingredients were cooked in. I like to add the tiniest bit of cornstarch mixed with water to the slow cooker while the meat rests.You should have lots of flavorful juice in the slow cooker. Once shredded or cut, you can add the beef back to the juices to keep it warm.  This is a great way to serve a crowd

Don’t forget to serve with a side of savory coleslaw, chips or oven baked french fries to really round out this meal.

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